Who We Are?

RL Industry is a worldwide leading manufacturer for high-quality non-stick bakeware and cookware products for home use.

We love the kitchen. It’s our favorite part of everyday life. We feel that everyone who loves the kitchen as much as we do should be able to fulfill their baking and cooking dreams with style and comfort.

RL Industry was founded in 2003, and since then we’ve been incredibly lucky to become one of the leading carbon steel manufacturers in the industry. Our supply chain includes major retailers and multinational brands so that our first-rate products find their way to kitchens around the world.

Over the years we worked hard to reach new potential clients, and we have significantly expanded our client base in the last four years. RL Industry was able to achieve global reach thanks to our wide range and variety of products that are constantly evolving.

At RL Industry we are dreamers, and we strive to partner up with dreamers like us.

and Ms. LILLY ZHENG founded the Hong Kong
RL Industry Co., LTD.
2007 Set up the Hong Kong RL Ningbo Office
2009 Established a wholly-owned subsidiary in China, RL INDUSTRY COMPANY Ltd.
2014 Set up the domestic
marketing division and launch the domestic market brand Sol
2017 RL INDUSTRY became the offical licensee of Betty Crocker TM in more than 20 countries.


we are always on pursuit for 

We work hard to meet the changing market demands

We invest substantial resources in research and development

We see our clients as business partners who are part of our family

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